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Chadron State College - Football
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As far as is known, the Chadron State College football field has always been at the same location - along 12th Street at the base of C Hill. College history says that in 1921 “the new athletic field, including a quarter mile track, was completed.”

The field, which is named for Robert I. Elliott, the college’s second president and an ardent football fan, is one of the relatively few that runs east and west.

Apparently temporary bleachers were used prior to 1929, when the Chadron Memorial Stadium Association was formed. Two former standout football players, Orin Weymouth and LaVerne McKelvey, were chosen to head the drive. The Chadron Chronicle reported that the immediate goal was to raise between $4,000 and $5,000. The new stadium had a seating capacity of approximately 1,500, but many of the crowds were much larger than that and fans stood along the sidelines or sat on banks along the south side of the field.

Although a small pressbox was eventually added at the top of the stadium, there wasn’t much change in the stadium until a fundraising drive was launched in 1995 that more than doubled the seating capacity for Eagles fans and added two sets of bleachers for the visitors’ fans on the north side of the field. The expansion also included doubling the size of the pressbox. The pressbox is named in honor of Con Marshall, the longtime sports and news information director at the school.

During homecoming 2000, the rejuvenated facilities were dedicated and named in honor of former CSC standout Don Beebe, who was an NFL wide receiver for nine years and was on the roster of six teams that played in the Super Bowl.

The Elliott Field playing surface is natural grass and is one of the finest in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.